3 Attitude Diseases To Avoid

We all have some attitude diseases, whether we know it or not. Here I am going to talk about 3 Deadly Ones. If we have them we should start working on them.

 1- Over Cautious

I used to be over cautious and careful, very careful… I was thinking a lot about every step I wanted to make and every decision I have to take.

Being cautious is a good thing but overdoing it might paralyze you. If you want to make a big decision in your life, for example, you want to change your career or you want to be an entrepreneur, sure you need to be cautious and think about every advantage and inconvenient, but if you keep looping things in your head without taking any decision, that might cause you some serious troubles.

When we start taking risks in life, we first tend to be cautious, sometimes very cautious, until we become paralyzed and not taking any risk. Do you want to know a small secret? Okay, let me whisper it in your ear: “all the magic happens when you take some risk and step outside your comfort zone…

Be cautious, but don’t overdo it. Think about your decision, put your thoughts on a paper, it might seem a silly thing, but believe me it has done wonders for me.

Writing down on a paper, you will get to your final decision quicker and 100% convinced about it. When you attain this level of conviction, you will not need to think again about your decision, you just feel it within every cell of your being.

It’s scientifically proven that our mind wants to protect us and keeps us in the safe zone, it’s his job. Look, the mind is great, it’s practical for every day’s life (maths, logic, framing…) but it has some limitations.

Start controlling your mind and be a decision maker and take actions immediately on you have decided, don’t lose momentum.

Start leading your own life, it’s very short and I definitely don’t want you to have any regret later on.

2- Being Pessimist

I honestly, don’t like to be surrounded by people who are pessimists and negative. It’s just not the kind of energy I like. I don’t appreciate to be enclosed in this vicious circle.

Pessimists are people who don’t achieve many good things in life.

If you are negative all the time, you will attract negativity but when you are positive and smiling, people will naturally smile back to you and they will love to be in your space. It’s the Law of Attraction.

So if you know someone who doesn’t have any hope in life, try to understand them. Maybe they had a bad experience in the past, which affected them psychologically, or they might be going through a tough situation right now and they are in a dark tunnel. Try to assure them that it will pass and tell them to be strong. Just be supportive and a good listener.

Some people are negative because they trained their minds to be like that, they want to know all the bad things before the good ones. They immediately see the empty half of the glass, instead of seeing the pure water in the full part.

When you have negative thoughts about what you’ve done in the past, you tend to blame yourself and sometimes sabotage it for doing this or not doing that, for saying this and not saying that… Stop it.

Stop, breath in and breath out slowly. Be gentle with yourself. Looking behind you will not serve you, it only distracts you from being present in the now.

You can control your mind through meditation, it will allow you to pay attention to all the lovely details like the birds, the trees, animals. Meditation has helped me a lot on my journey.

3- Complaining All The Time

Imagine someone complaining all the time about almost everything: weather, sports, politics, sciences, government, taxes, cars, traffic, health…

Would you like to be surrounded by this kind of people? I bet you not. This is why it’s a deadly disease. People complain about everything and blame everyone when instead they need to start making some changes inside of them.

Here’s a fact, every 5 mins you spend complaining about something, you lose at least 5 mins. There are no benefits from complaining. So why people do complain?

I think because it is the easiest way to face their problems. Whenever a challenge arises, they say “why me?“.

Instead of complaining about these problems and challenges – which are inevitable in life – what if we accept them with a smile and consider them as an opportunity to grow?

It’s just the way life works. Everyone faces some challenges. You can make a huge difference by saying “this is happening for me” and not “this is happening to me“.

If you used to complain, I am here to tell you that it’s not serving you in any shape or form and will never do any good for you.

So accept what life and the universe send your way, embrace your challenges, face your fears and grow every time. Small success count and are very, very important.

How I Got Rid of My Diseases

I used to complain a lot. I complained about the village I was born in, the job I had, the small salary I got, the taxes I paid, the friends I had or didn’t have, the relationships I was in…

I used to be over cautious. I used to think a lot, sometimes too much and never moved forward. I wasn’t a fast decision maker.

Here’s how I got rid of some diseases:

First, I acknowledged the fact of having some attitude diseases and the fact that I am not the only one who has them.

Second, I started working on myself. I listened to personal development coaches like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Eckhart Tolle, among others. I didn’t work externally on these diseases. I worked internally. Whenever I have a bad though, I just let it go and think for a while (not too much) about its cause.

Third, I stopped wasting my time, complaining about things that I can’t control like weather, others actions, future, past…

I focused more on my inner self. Meditation has helped me a lot to deal with my emotions and to control my mind. I have read a great book from Eckhart Tolle about “The Power of Now”, it was truly amazing and I highly recommend it to you.

Fourth, I started a new journey of personal development and self-awareness. It all started when I was in my kitchen – no kidding.

I was listening to youtube when a video ad popped up and a couple from Australia started speaking about this world we live in. Why people are being bored, unhappy, negative and pessimist and how the 9 to 5 job routine has a big role in turning people unhappy, bored and pessimist.

This couple spoke directly to my heart. They were very authentic and offered me a FREE online training that helped them get rid of their robotic employee’s life and start a new exciting entrepreneurial journey of freedom and lifestyle. Now they are happy, positive and energetic more than ever. I am so grateful for them to offer me this free online training.

After watching the training, I started my journey with them, inside an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are optimists, high-achievers and risk takers.

I am loving this journey because I am working every day on improving myself and getting rid of my diseases – which were many by the way and here I am now putting the same offer in front of you and asking you to be open-minded about it and check it out. I am sure it will be an eye-opener for you, you will discover how you can stop trading your time for money and build a business you love and a lifestyle you will be proud of.

If you want to build an Online Business that you truly love and get all the necessary training and education to put yourself up to success and live a life of adventure, you can click here and enter your name and email to receive free online training that will reveal it all.

It’s THE training that got me started so I highly advise you to have a look.

I wish you all the best,

Elie Abboud,

4 thoughts to “3 Deadly Attitude Diseases

  • Dave Menzies

    Very good points Elie. My own journey has been similar to yours in that I came across the same platform and community as you at a time when it was what I needed most. The area i have grown most in is number one in your post – being over cautious. I came to fully understand areas like personal investment and attitude to risk. As the old but true statement goes – The magic lies outside the comfort zone.

    • Elie Abboud

      Great statement Dave, thank you. The magic lies outside of our comfort zone.
      If we keep doing the same thing we should NOT expect new results. It’s only when we challenge ourselves and get rid of the attitude diseases that we can live FREE and happy. Sometimes it’s good to be cautious, to think very well and to plan for our actions, but if we are OVER do it and we let our fear dominates us, we will never EVER succeed in life.

  • Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    Can see the total relevance of what you are writing Elie. The concept of which should be shown and lived from before birth and all the way through life.

    Life either teaches each of us to be wise or it leaves us behind. There is a matter of perspective and attitude of the giver, yes. Also of the receiver to consider.

    • Elie Abboud

      Thank you Susan for the powerful message you wrote. Life is the best school ever. We learn everything in it. Why some people succeed and others are left behind? I think because people who succeed, identify their attitude diseases and try to get rid of them ASAP. We need to make wise decisions all the time. Every decision counts…


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