Resilience: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

It’s important to know that an entrepreneurial journey is not a straightforward one. It has ups and downs, highs and lows. Maybe this what makes it so exciting. With this journey, there is an important amount of challenges, failures, and setbacks. So as a future entrepreneur, it’s important for you to be resilient.

What is resilience? Well, it’s your ability to be happy again after you have faced a hard time with your business. As you know the real success comes after a long journey of work, sweat, and tears, especially for entrepreneurs. I heard of no individual who succeeded without failing. They failed not only once, but several times.

So failure is necessary to succeed. Are you willing to face challenges, setbacks, and failures to finally succeed, to finally bring your vision to reality, to finally live your purpose? I bet you are.

Mindset on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur is very important if it’s not the most important asset that you have. Resilience is a very important tool that you will use over and over to stand up again and again and again.

It will make you stronger

Probably you have heard the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe it’s true. When you are faced with a big challenge and you overcome it, it will make you stronger.

When I started to become unfulfilled with my job, I felt really unhappy, it was a challenge for me to go to work every day not excited, not motivated, not happy. I had the choice to stay or to leave. I took it as a challenge to overcome because if I don’t do anything the challenge will win and I won’t be in control of my life which will make me feel weak.

So I thought about my work, my life, my challenge, I remember thinking about this challenge every night on my balcony for several nights. Then I took a calculated risk to leave the job and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Did I fail at choosing the first job? Yes. But I learned the lesson of never choosing work for the money only.

Reframing the failure

What meaning do you attach to a failure? Do you say, “I have failed, I am a failure, I can’t do this…” ?

I believe we have learned that failures are bad since we were young kids in schools. After all, every time we made a mistake we were punished. But this is not how life works… In real life, we learn from our mistakes. Any person, no matter how experienced they are, they make mistakes and fail all day long.

Success will never come to you if you are afraid of failures. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Every success comes after a long list of failures.

So I invite you to start thinking about failure as an inevitable stepping stone towards your success. It’s very important to learn from your failure and move on quickly.

I started to say: “ok, lesson learned, next”.

Be excited

Being excited about challenges, failures and setbacks? Yes! For a simple reason, those will make you stronger and wiser.

When you face a challenge, maybe a tough one, you will become resourceful, you will think harder, you will get out of your comfort zone.

By doing that, you are growing, learning, and improving. If there’s no challenge, and you are in your comfort zone all the time, you aren’t growing as fast as you can.

You are growing

In times of difficulty, if you don’t quit, you will grow, it’s inevitable. If we aren’t growing we aren’t really living.

If we aren’t growing we aren’t happy.

It’s important for us as human being to feel that we are growing and moving forward in our lifes.

Focus on your vision

When times get tough when the journey seems difficult when you are about to quit. Stop! Take a breath, and remember your vision. Remember why you started all of this in the first place.

Remember that you have been given the chance of life, to live and bring your vision to reality.

Only you can do this. Of course life will test you. Of course it will be difficult.

This is how life works my friend, we get what we deserve not what we need. We deserve success when we work hard for it. When we endure the pain. When we are resilient.

After every failure we stand up. After every challenge we come back. After every setback we become more excited than ever before.

Always get back to your vision, your mission and your purpsose.

Track your challenges

Start by tracking your challenges. By doing that, you will start to identify patterns along your journey. Where are you facing more challenges? Is it in the technical part of your first online business, is it in marketing? Is it in organizing your time?

The more you track, the clearer it becomes about the areas that you need to improve.

Those challenges that you track, will help you remember the lessons and never repeat the same mistake twice.

It will help you identify how far you have came, how much you have grown and how more resilient you have became.

Commit to your journey

Committing to the journey starts by knowing that failures are inevitable. It starts by reframing those failures as opportunities to succeed, they are your stepping stones, your best teacher.

It’s easy to be sucked up by the failure, the negativity, and quit. But remember, if you want to become a successful online entrepreneur, you’ve got to start practicing resilience.

After all life is not happening to you, it’s for you.

So, allow yourself a moment to absorb those hard emotions of sadness, failure, and toughness. Then quickly rise up again, get excited, learn the lesson, and move on.

The journey is ahead of you and you have got some amazing work to accomplish.

Thank you

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I wish you all the happiness in the world,

Elie Abboud,

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