Pros And Cons Of An Entrepreneurial Life

Being an Entrepreneur

If you are questioning yourself about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, no worries, I will try to explain it here.

Entrepreneurs work on their own terms, they are independent. Usually, they are adventurous and they like to take some calculated risks.

I believe that an entrepreneur’s life is full of excitement and challenges. When a challenge arrives at your door you need to take care of it. Every challenge you win helps you improve your skills and grow as a person.

Here are – in my opinion – the pros and cons of the entrepreneurial life.

Pros of Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur especially a digital one can give you more FREEDOM in your life (if done correctly, of course).

Entrepreneurs are dynamics, they are action takers. They make decisions and they follow up on them.

Entrepreneurs are people who saw a problem, found a solution and did something about it. Usually, they are passionate about what they do.

They are driven by the idea of making the world a better place.

The founders of the most important companies (like Facebook, Google, Uber…) are people who believed in themselves, worked hard, and achieved their dreams.

Now, imagine our world without entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas, it won’t improve. If everyone settles for a traditional, “secured” job there will be no improvement in our life.

When you become an entrepreneur, you can work on something you love, something you are passionate about. You will be more creative, you will face your fears and win your challenges.

“The day we stop growing, we start dying.”

Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss. You do what you want, when you want it.

You don’t need someone’s permission like a school kid. You can manage your time and your vacations as you wish. You are the captain of your life’s ship.

If you are a digital entrepreneur and you have done your work correctly, guess what?

You will have more time, financial and geographical freedom to do what you love and desire. I, personally, want to travel the world while working on my laptop. I have seen people doing it and it’s totally possible.

As an entrepreneur you don’t need to climb the corporate ladder and spend your lifetime, wishing to get a raise from your boss.

You don’t need to spend your youth age wishing to enjoy life when you retire.

You can shape your destiny and design your life starting today!

Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

We have seen so far the advantages of being an entrepreneur especially the freedom lifestyle that comes with it, but with more FREEDOM in your life, you will have more responsibilities waiting for you.

Entrepreneurs work on their own, which means they don’t have enough support and help in their daily life. They figure out solutions and sometimes use a trial & error process which might be tiring. This is why it’s highly recommended to surround yourself with like-minded people who will help you on your journey so you don’t feel alone.

Ideally, they can have the same objective as you, they are facing almost the same challenges and are fully committed to a better life.

When you are on the entrepreneurial journey you will start tackling different domains like finances, accounting, marketing, sales, support…

That means you can do all the work yourself or you can outsource the stuff that isn’t interesting for you and focus only on what you enjoy…

Sometimes you won’t have clear answers to your questions or quick solutions to your problems, that’s ok. Be patient.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you want. Be openminded. Treat failure as a way to succeed. In fact, it’s the only way to succeed. People who succeeded in their domains, failed – a lot…

Be careful though don’t let your work dominate your life. At first, it will be very exciting. You will be willing to spend long hours.

Try to manage your new activity, give it a specific time, say from 9 am till 4 pm, then disconnect. Turn off your phone, your computer and take care of yourself and your family.

If you work from home, sometimes you might feel a little bit lonely. So try to work from other places, try to diversify your work locations which is possible when you have the laptop lifestyle.

You can work from a library, a coffee shop, a bar, a restaurant, a public place…

My Final Word

I prefer to be an entrepreneur. I am working on myself every single day to be a Successful Digital Entrepreneur. I also want to help other individuals who are – just like I was – fed up with the 9 to 5 job routine and want more time freedom to simply enjoy life.

A traditional job with its routine and its unfulfilling tasks is making people stressed, anxious and depressed.

Being an entrepreneur is definitely not easy but for sure it’s worth it. I prefer working hard on myself than on my job. I want to be challenged every day and grow as a person.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and creative. It allows you to think out of the box and create something for the BEST of everyone.

You are the only one who knows what better suits you.

Thank you for reading,

I truly wish you all the very best,

Elie Abboud

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