Learning-Agility: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

What is Learning-Agility

Probably you have heard the word agile before. It means to move quickly and easily. But maybe it’s the first time that you hear about Learning-Agility. Yes, you might guess it already. It’s your ability to learn quickly and easily.

Learning agility is not so much about what you have accomplished in the past. It’s about the potential to accomplish something new. Even when it’s uncertain, even if it’s the first time that you do it.

Is it important for leaders

So why Learning-Agility is important for you as a future leader. As you know everything is always changing. The business has changed from traditional to online, our environment is changing and we as humans are changing every day. So the only constant in life is, change.

This is why it’s important to adapt to change and learn. And this is the magic of learning-agility. You become comfortable with uncertainty and sudden changes. Do you recall the last time when something arrived in your life suddenly, a sudden change? How did you feel? Most importantly how did you respond? Were you eager to adapt and learn? Were you flexible? Did you welcome the change?

Learning-agile leaders, make sense of unrelated pieces of information as if they are putting together a puzzle, and they get a good solution.

Five pillars to learning-agility

People-Agility: The ability to understand other people. Accept their differences. Empower them for a better collective performance.

Change-Agility: Being comfortable with the change. Welcoming the change. Being curious and always experimenting and innovating.

Results-Agility: Being able to deliver good results even in first time situations.

Self-Awareness Agility: The ability to know themselves well, their weaknesses and strengths.

What does it look like?

Leaders who are Learning-Agile thrive on change. They welcome it. They make sense of uncertainty. They empower their teams.

They know that their greatness is on the other side of their comfort zone. So they experiment with new things, they seek out to do things better and they keep on improving themselves and others. They learn from unfamiliar experiences, if they fail, they don’t take it personally, but they do learn from their failures and use those lessons in their next experiences.

They know that growth equals happiness and by exploring new areas in business and life, they will definitely learn something new and they will expand their comfort zone.

When you have this strength as a future leader, you know what to do when you don’t know what to do. This means you will be able to figure out solutions to problems that you haven’t seen before.

Probably, your job is at risk due to current or future crises, probably you hate your job and you want to quit the wrong career. Maybe you have a desire to create and build some kind of a business, an online business for example but you have never done it before. In this case, Learning-Agility will help you to thrive on learning, discovering, and experimenting, so you figure out a way and you start this new journey. Is it easy? No! But with the time you will build this muscle of Learning-Agility.

When you have developed a learning-agility characteristic, you will be able to achieve more. How? Well simply because you become more comfortable with the change, so if you feel that something needs to change, you will change it, you will thrive, and by thriving, you can achieve anything you want.

Finally, Learning-Agility means being hungry and restless. Hungry for learning and adapting. The world is changing constantly, we are changing, our challenges and dreams might change.

When you reach this point where you are challenging yourself more, you will be unstoppable. The more you challenge yourself in any area of your life, the more you learn, and the more you grow.

Life is our best teacher, it teaches us through changes. So don’t be afraid of the change. Know that you are flexible, we all are if we decide to, we can all adopt this mentality of Learning-Agility, so we learn the best lessons from all the changes we go through.

And this is Learning-Agility.

Thank you for investing your time wisely and reading this blog post.

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