Integrity: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

Integrity is the practice of being honest.

On a personal level, each one of us must remain honest. We tell the truth no matter how much it will cost.

As stated before, it’s a practice. We have to practice it every day. In every thing we say, we must tell the truth that we know.

I believe that in some situations we can be flexible and not tell everything that we know. For exp. if someone asks you, “how are you doing?”,

probably you are not going to tell them, that yesterday was a really bad day, that you had a meeting with your manager and she was really angry

because you missed the deadline, and on your way back home, your Smartphone slipped away from your hand and the screen was broken…

No, I guess, you will tell them, “I am good thank you”, or “not bad”…

What we consider as private for us, must remain private.

Integrity is showing a consistent adherence to our principles and values

We can’t adhere to something that we don’t believe in. What are your principles in life? What do you value the most?

If you haven’t thought about them yet, don’t worry, most of us don’t. I recently did think about them and wrote them down.

Maybe it’s a good time for you as well to think about your principles and values, and define them so you can consistently adhere to them

in all the situations of your life. For example, my principle about work, is that each one of us deserves to work on something they are passionate about.

Each one of us deserves the opportunity to start and grow something they love, a business or an idea.

What I value the most is freedom and happiness. So now, I act in integrity with my principles and values. I do search for work I am passionate about and help other

people do the same through my blogs and my Youtube channel. I did start an online business I love and I want to help people do the same.

I value freedom a lot and this is why I left my job as a Software Engineer to create my company as a life coach and help people quit the wrong career and start an online business around their passion.

So what are your principles and values? I believe it’s beneficial to start listing them out.

Integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete

Integrity means whole or complete. For us as human, are we acting with integrity? Do our actions adhere to our principles and values?

The moment we act in a way that doesn’t respect one of our values or one of our principles, we become incomplete, a part and not a whole.

Yes, it’s strict but this self-discipline to stay complete, to respect ourselves, to respect our values and principles is the only way to feel whole, to feel complete.

Complete, here, doesn’t mean that we know everything, of course not, we are far away from that. It means that we feel aligned, our inner world and what we

create in the outer world are aligned. From this alignment comes a sense of satisfaction.

Imagine someone who value freedom, but they are working in a corporate world and they don’t have time, financial or geographical freedom, they can’t choose

when, where and how they work, they can’t earn as much as they want and deserve, they can’t visit their family as much as they want, do you think they are happy?

I doubt it, because there is a conflict between their inner world, their value which is freedom and their outer world, especially at work.

You have integrity if you act consistently according to your values, beliefs and principles

Living with integrity, as we now understand it, is living with and acting by our values, beliefs and principles.

But we might not be able to be consistent in this matter if we don’t determine clearly our values, our beliefs and our principles.

Here’s a simple exercise that will help you start.

Determine your values (love, happiness, freedom, family, loyalty…), your beliefs and your principles.

Start with one subject, for example, work. Determine those 3 components. They will help you through your journey.

They will shine the light in front of you so you take wiser decisions.

I hope this was helpful.

Go ahead, share with us your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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