Improve Those 3 Attitudes

We all have some attitudes/habits that we want to change.

Here I am going to talk about 3 attitudes that we must improve if we want to succeed in life.

1st Attitude: Over Cautious

I used to be over cautious and careful, very careful…

Being cautious is a good thing but overdoing it might paralyze you. If you want to make a big decision in your life, for example, you want to change your career or you want to be an entrepreneur, sure you need to be cautious and think about every advantage and inconvenient, but if you keep looping things in your head without taking any action, that is not a good thing.

All the magic happens when you take some risk and step outside of your comfort zone…

Be cautious, but don’t overdo it. Think about your decision and put your thoughts on a paper.

By writing down on a paper, you will get to your final decision quicker and 100% convinced about it. When you attain this level of conviction, you will not need to think again about your decision, you just feel it within every cell of your being.

It’s scientifically proven that our mind wants to protect us and keeps us in the safe zone, it’s the mind’s job. Look, the mind is great, it’s practical for everyday life (maths, logic…) but it has some limitations.

Become a decision-maker and take action immediately on what you have decided, don’t lose momentum.

Start leading your own life, take some calculated risks that will lead you to better things in your life.

2nd Attitude: Being Pessimist

I honestly, don’t like to be surrounded by people who are pessimistic and negative. It’s just not the kind of energy I like. I don’t appreciate being enclosed in this vicious circle.

Pessimists are people who don’t achieve many good things in their lives.

When you are negative, you will attract negativity and when you are positive you will attract positivity. The law of attraction, right?

When you are smiling, people will naturally smile back to you and they will love to be in your space.

So if you know someone who doesn’t have any hope in life, try to understand them.

Maybe they had a bad experience in the past, or maybe they are going through a tough situation right now…

Some people are negative because they trained their minds to be like that, they want to know all the bad things before the good ones. They immediately see the empty half of the glass. Stay away from them…

3rd Attitude: Complaining…

Imagine someone complaining all the time about almost everything: weather, sports, politics, sciences, government, taxes, cars, traffic, health…

Would you like to be surrounded by this kind of person? I bet you not.

People complain about everything and blame everyone when instead they need to start making some changes inside of them.

Here’s a fact, every 5 mins you spend complaining about something, you lose at least 5 mins. There are no benefits in complaining. So why people do complain?

I think because it is the easiest way to face their problems.

Instead of complaining about these problems and challenges what if we accept them with a smile and consider them as an opportunity to grow?

It’s just the way life works. Everyone faces some challenges. You can make a huge difference by saying “this is happening for me (and not to me)”.

If you used to complain, I am here to tell you that it’s not serving you in any shape or form and will never do any good for you.

So accept what life and the universe send your way, embrace your challenges, face your fears and keep growing as a person. 

How I Improved My Attitudes

I used to complain a lot. I complained about the village I was born in, the job I had, the small salary I got, the taxes I paid, the friends I had or didn’t have, the relationships I was in…

I used to be over-cautious. I used to think a lot, sometimes too much, and never take action.

Here’s what I did:

First, I acknowledged that I need to improve my life and my attitudes,

Second, I started working on myself. I listened to personal development coaches like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Eckhart Tolle…

Third, I stopped wasting my time, complaining about things that I can’t control like weather, other actions, future, past… and I started working on what I can control like my thoughts and emotions…

Meditation has helped me a lot to deal with my emotions and to control my mind. I have read a great book from Eckhart Tolle about “The Power of Now”, it was truly amazing and I highly recommend it to you.

Thank you for reading,

I wish you all the best,

Elie Abboud

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