How Can Meditation Improve Your Life

What Is Meditation?

Have you ever meditated before? or have you seen someone doing it? If you are new to meditation you might be wondering about the whole process.

Great and successful leaders like Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, Ray Dalio meditate regularly. So there must be something about it. Right?

Meditation helps you focus your mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. This means when you meditate you bring your focus and every cell in your being to the present moment.

At first, when I saw people meditating, I couldn’t understand what is going on. I thought they are sleeping but in a different position 🙂

Until one day, I wanted to finally test meditation for myself and guess what? I actually enjoyed it very much. I could bring my whole attention and consciousness to the present moment, to the now by using my respiration for exp.

It is amazing when you feel everything happening in the NOW around you. You can hear your heartbeat and your breath. You can feel your body from the inside and the outside. You can literally enjoy all your senses.

The Great Impact Of Meditation On Your Life

Some people meditate for a spiritual purpose. What I love about meditation is sitting by myself in a calm place.

I pay attention to my feelings, to my body. I become more aware and more present.

The idea of meditation is to stop thinking for a while and increase your awareness. We are so busy these days that we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget to be with our soul and spirit for at least a few minutes every day.

I am a big believer that to have a balanced life we should take care of all parts of our lives. Physical, mental and spiritual.

When I started to meditate, I started paying attention to my surroundings and noticing things for the first time and really enjoy the details like a bird (I would listen to his singing, look at his colors, see how he moves on the tree, how he flies differently…)

Whenever you can, take a moment in your day to meditate in a calm place, it will give you energy, happiness, and positivity. The best moments to meditate are early in the morning or at noon or when the sun goes down.

Here is Some Advises to Better Meditate:

  • Find a calm place where you can sit by yourself,
  • Choose good relaxing music if you don’t like silence,
  • You can sit on the floor with your legs crossed or on the chair. Make sure your back is always straight and your palms are on your laps,
  • Start by taking a deep cleansing breath through your nose, hold it to the count of three then release it from your mouth,
  • Breathe in joy, breathe out sadness. Breathe in courage, breathe out fear. Breathe in freedom, breathe out anxiety…
  • At this stage, you can imagine one of several things:
    • A golden light above your head that will enter from your head and slowly passes by every cell in your body until it goes out from your feet,
    • Or a red light heading up from your root chakra (an energy point among others in your body) towards your crown chakra (head chakra),
    • Or a light coming out from your third eye chakra (just above your eyes, in the center of your forehead) and expanding to fill out your home, building, country, earth, the universe,
  • Repeat the imagination step several times,
  • Finally, let go, let go and let eternity do with you whatever it wants.

Is Visualization Related to Meditation?

We have seen in the preceding paragraph that there is a visualization step at the end. Ok, no worries, I will explain it.

Visualization is when you close your eyes and imagine something happening. It might be unreal, like the white light of energy entering your head and going down your body. This is very helpful to meditate on and it’s one of several ways.

Some people prefer to focus on their breath, in & out. Others prefer to put some relaxing music…

I like using visualization to imagine reaching my goals and the feeling of joy that it brings to me.

Don’t forget that visualization also is adopted by great leaders.

Our mind doesn’t differentiate the real-life situations from our imaginations. This is ideal because you can instruct your mind with the goals you are after. How? Well by visualizing them every day and by telling your subconscious mind what you really desire in real life.

My Final Word

You shouldn’t meditate, expecting things to happen. You might have a great session of meditation today and a different one tomorrow. The main idea is to just do it without any expectations or limits.

Meditation & Visualization have had a great impact on my life, I am now calmer, less stressed more aware and conscious.

If you haven’t tried it before, I recommend that you look to some basic meditation techniques like mindfulness or simply focusing on your breath without letting thoughts disrupt you.

Do it daily and soon you will see some great positive changes in your life.

Thank you for reading,

I truly wish you all the very best,

Elie Abboud

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