Gratitude: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

I remember when I was in my 9 to 5 job as an employee, I used to be so unfulfilled, so unhappy because I wasn’t doing anything meaningful. Maybe you are in the same situation and you want to quit the wrong career, the wrong job, but it feels like you are stuck in a hamster wheel. The same routine, over and over…

Don’t lose hope! Until you find your way out, and you start your journey as an entrepreneur, there is a way to survive this difficult time and make it better. How? It’s called gratitude. You might say, how can you be grateful for something that you don’t like anymore. I understand, but being grateful is a simple practice that will make the last days/months/years in the job a lot easier on you and everyone around you.

When you have a bad day, focus on what went well

It’s easy, to remember what didn’t go so well during the course of your day, and when you get out of the office you reflect on them again and again and it stresses you even more. It makes you even more unhappy. That’s not the best way.

What I did and helped me (you can try it if you wish), is that I focused on what went well instead and be grateful for that.

For exp. I am grateful for the meal I had today, for the help I got from my colleague, for the good time I had with my x-manager over a coffee… I know it’s hard to recall the tiny little things, but I believe they matter and they add up.

With gratitude, you are a better leader, a better person

You have something inside you that tells you that you are meant for something bigger than a job, you have a dream, you have ambitions. You want to lead, create, build… yet you find it difficult to get out of the corporate rate race. I feel this with you. I believe it’s possible for you too to get out of a career you don’t want anymore, you can become the leader you want, it starts now.

Here’s the magic, you start doing what leaders do and gradually you become a leader. You can’t wait to become a leader and then act like one. So this is why gratitude will start shaping you and making you a better leader, a better person.

A good leader is first a good person. He is grateful for all the grace that he has in his life. He sees the full part of the cup. He looks for the bright side. He seeks solutions and not problems. He accepts challenges and embraces the change. I believe that with this mindset you have a greater chance to succeed in your transition from employee to entrepreneur, from aspiring leader to a real one.

Gratitude benefits

Sciences shows that gratitude has major benefits on our health.

Physically, we have a better immune system, less pain, better sleep, more energy…

Psychologically, we are more positive, more optimistic, and happier…

Socially, we are more helpful, more generous, and more connected…

If you don’t believe this, make some research, try it for yourself for few weeks and see the difference in your own life.

Gratitude for goal striving

On your way to achieve a big goal, don’t forget, you will have smaller goals. A 5 years goal, can be divided into 3 years, 1 years, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day goals.

When you accomplish your daily goal, give yourself a tap on the back. Acknowledge your effort, your good work, say to yourself “good job”.

This will motivates you to accomplish more goals and sets you on your path to success. This will help you to strive.

You can be grateful for everything that is helping you achieve your goal, maybe you have someone mentoring you to quit the wrong job or the wrong career and start an online business, maybe you have a group of like-minded people around you that inspire you to keep going for your dream, maybe you have a system that is helping you build an online business that you truly love, be grateful for everything and everyone on your journey.

Focus on your success not theirs

It’s very easy to look at someone who succeeded and focusing on their success, their life, their journey. I believe it won’t help. By focusing on someone else, you are not focusing on yourself, and by not focusing on yourself, you are not doing what it takes to succeed.

Be grateful that you can see their journey, you can learn from their mistakes, congratulate them for their effort, then focus the majority of your time on your work. Master your craft. For every success you get, no matter how minuscule it is, celebrate it and be grateful for it. It’s a part of the whole, it’s leading you to the big success.

As you know, big successes rarely happen. The reality is, a big success comes from a lot of small successes.

Define what your goal is, define what success means to you, focus on it and be grateful.

Divorce your ego

Ego tells you that you are separate from others, you are better than them. This rarely serves you in your life.

We are human being, we are social creatures, we need connections, good connections.

If your ego is in play, you are separate from others, you are distant, you are not being grateful for them, their effort, their presence in your life.

Did you hear anyone who succeeded alone? Every entrepreneur, every online business owner, every successful person, had someone behind him or on his side.

By yourself, you can only take your work so far. With others, you can impact the whole world. Take for instance Facebook, yes it was Mark Zuckerburg’s hard work, to code the first version of Facebook, but it wasn’t initially his idea, his university’s friend brought him the cash to buy the server, someone else helped him to market Facebook to US universities.

I believe Mark is very grateful for those people.

So don’t forget, divorce your ego! Be grateful for others around you, be grateful for everyone, for the whole.

Because we are all united.

So I hope this was helpful, you can start practicing gratefulness straight away.

I hope you were grateful for reading this post, for your laptop, for your internet connection and you Internet Service Provider 🙂

Thank you for your precious time and attention,

Elie Abboud,

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