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The Importance Of Having a Dream in Life

Imagine your life without a dream. Imagine that you are living just for the sake of living. Days passing by. There’s no sense, there is no fulfillment. I believe everyone can have a dream in life, a bigger goal that gets them going.

I am not talking about a dream that we see while we are sleeping, of course not. I am talking about our life’s objective.

Everyone has a goal. Someone wants to be a doctor, others want to become an engineer or pilot or actor…

For me, it’s very important to have goals and a vision for the future.

Think about it for a minute. If we don’t know where we are heading in life and we don’t have any vision for the future, we will feel lost and our life is meaningless. 

Daydreaming VS Taking Real Actions

Huge difference. When someone is daydreaming, they have this idea but unfortunately, it stays in their mind and never comes to reality, it never manifests in the real world.

What is worst is that the mind stays busy all the time keeping us from being productive.

Some people take action on their ideas because they want to make it real and they are willing to do whatever it takes. This is very powerful.


No one will help you achieve your goals and dreams unless you are willing to take some action. I believe that when you are after something in life and you want it so badly, everything in the universe will try to help you. I can witness it because it happened several times to me.

Sometimes, I just let my gut feeling guides me.

When Does a Dream Come True

Sometimes we become impatient, we wanted to make our dream comes true but we just can’t wait. Sad enough, some people quit their journey because they think that their dream won’t happen ever.

When you are exhausted and very tired you start doubting yourself whether you can make it or not. The small voice in your head begins negging you “what are you doing, you are wasting your time, be realistic and quit”. When you realize it, do yourself a favor and tell this voice to calm down because it’s not helping – at all…

Your dream comes true when you persist and you never quit. Sure you need to be patient and kind to yourself. Don’t try to sabotage yourself (which is a common human behavior by the way).

Visualize your goal every day. Leaders around the world visualize every day. So make it your new habit and every day in the morning (if you wish), try to close your eyes (make sure you don’t sleep back 🙂 and imagine that you are achieving your goal.

For instance, if you want to be a pilot, just imagine yourself as a pilot of an important air company. Everyone respects you for your skills and talent and you really enjoy your work.

Sure visualization isn’t enough, you need to work on yourself. Read some books, attend webinars and training, get certifications. You will figure out what you need to do when you become serious enough about your goal.

What Should You Start Doing Today

So today, you are reading this post and I hope it inspires you to start taking action. If you didn’t set any goal yet, I highly recommend that you take some time and think about your life and your future…

Put your goals on a piece of paper (first step and very important, please don’t take it for granted). I had my goals written on 2 A4 papers and posted in front of my bed so I can see them every day when I wake up.

Once you have written your goals, you need to create an action plan. A written and clear plan of action that will guide you on your journey. Don’t be afraid to change it. I did change my plan several times.

So the cycle goes like this “do then analyze and finally modify if needed”.

Taking action is very important and I can’t recommend it enough. When things aren’t working as you wish, take a step back and analyze the situation, it’s crucial to understand what went wrong so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

Don’t be afraid to fail. The most successful people on this planet, have failed several times. Not 5% or 10% I am talking about 70% of the time.

Remember, you only really fail, when you quit! DON’ T QUIT.

Life Without Any Dream Is NOT Worth Living

Life is mysterious, it doesn’t tell you about your mission/purpose/meaning. You need to think about them and this is the most exciting part of the process.

You think hard, try several things and finally, you discover what you are meant to do and what is the mission that you want to dedicate most of your time to it.

We can’t just live for the sake of living. We need to contribute to some good that is greater than us.

So I hope by now you really understood why a dream in your life is extremely important. If you didn’t have one and you are just going with whatever life gives you, I hope you take a moment today and think.

If you already have a dream but you have buried it inside you for a long time, I hope that reading my words has awakened your dream.

Thank you for reading,

I truly wish you all the very best,

Elie Abboud

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