Curiosity: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

Why it’s important to be curious as an entrepreneur?

Remember when you were a little kid? You were curious about everything. You asked questions. You wanted to learn. You wanted to know. You had a hunger for knowledge and how things work.

Probably you were asking hundreds of questions every day.

This curiosity helped you discover the world around you. It gave you knowledge.

When we grow up, we some kind cease to ask those curious questions. Probably we ask ourselves but for sure less then when we were kids.

So as a future entrepreneur, it’s really important to stay curious, so you discover how you can start and build your first business, what are the world’s problems that you want to solve, and how can you make the world a better place.

Curiosity is a muscle. You can train it and improve it every day. For example, when you see a new tool, you might wonder, how they created it, what problem it’s solving, how can you make it better. This can give you new ideas and ignite your creativity.

Curiosity with your future customers

It’s obvious that customers to a business are like the blood to a human being. Without customers, no business can survive. You will create your business, not for your own needs, you will create it primarily to solve someone’s problem, to make their life better, easier, smoother. So if your business is centered around your customers, you have to be curious about them. Right?

Curious about their problem, their daily life, their desire. Curious to keep innovating and keeping your customer satisfied. After all, it’s a relationship that you are building and nurturing. The more you are curious about how to improve this relationship, the better it becomes.

You don’t need to innovate every day but you have to have this as a regular process. You can meet with your team once a week, for 3 hours let’s say and you discuss together ways to make the product more efficient for your customer.

It’s important to ask your customer questions and know their opinion about the product, get their feedback. It can be a simple 1 to 1 meeting or a short survey.

By being curious about your customer, you learn more about him, you understand him better, and like that you can improve your product accordingly.

Curiosity with your future employees

What is a business after all? A business is a group of people. We should never lose sight of that.

We can’t succeed alone. We need a team around us. A team of people that will adhere to our vision and work with us to bring the vision to reality.

Sometimes we see a successful entrepreneur and we think that he has done it all by himself. In fact, every success is founded on the work of a group of people.

Yes, the entrepreneur might have the idea, started the company, done the heavy lifting at the beginning, which is really remarkable and truly appreciated but to scale a business, a company, an idea, other people are involved.

It’s important to ask questions, to your future employees and know if they are truly happy if they are satisfied if they are fulfilled. An employee that finds meaning in what he does, is a happy employee, and if he is happy, he is more productive and more creative. So it’s a win-win, for the employee and the business.

It’s important to listen to your employees, they might have new ideas, that can revolutionize your business. Allow them to unleash their creativity, ask them questions, and listen, really listen.

You know, we can only go so far by ourselves but with a solid, creative and happy team we can grow and scale exponentially.

Curiosity about your future product

Being curious about your product, is always asking, “how can I make it better?”. Not for me, not to make it cool, but to make it efficient for the customer.

After all, any business is based on 2 things. Marketing and innovation.

Innovation means, you think differently, you try new things, you take some risks.

Only by being curious about your product, you will make it better for your customer.

We should always be focused on 1 simple concept. The product is for the customer.

So the more I understand my ideal customer, the better I can make the product for him.

Does it stop with one product?

As you know creativity has no limits. The more you and your future teams are creative, the more you innovate, and the better you make the existing product.

When you find success with your first product you can rinse and repeat with a new product.

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Elie Abboud

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