Courage: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

What is courage?

Courage is the strength to withstand fear. It’s not the absence of fear, because there will always be fear in your life. Courage is when you decide to act despite the fear, the difficulty, and the challenges.

To be really courageous, you need both, mental and moral strength.

Mental strength: to think clearly and quickly, to be able to differentiate whether you have a risk in front of you or a danger. Mental strength to analyze the situation and decide whether you should get involved or not.

Moral strength: to be fair and stand up for what is right no matter what, to be loyal and speak about a cause that you respect even when it’s risky, to be sincere and tell the truth even if the bill is expensive.

Courage is to persevere despite your fear, to go after what you want in life, to take a calculated risk. Courage is when you bear to be different and do something different.

Why courage is an important leadership quality?

You are a leader, you lead people, you encourage them, you inspire them, so they move forward and achieve their goals.

If you are not courageous to be in the front line, to speak out for your subordinates, to take the responsibility, you are not a leader.

It takes courage to be in the first place, to speak in public, to say I am the one responsible. But it’s tremendously rewarding. When you face your fear to be the one who speaks for your people, to lead them even through a turbulent time, you are growing, you are getting more confidence, you are earning more respect.

If you believe that you are meant for something bigger than yourself, you feel that there’s more for you to do, to accomplish.

If you believe that you are meant to be a leader so you can help a group of people in a certain cause, then courage is a must.

The first courageous act is to discover yourself more, you dig deep to find your purpose, your reason for being, your Why. When you identify it, you get clear on it, you have to take the courage to start acting on it, to venture, to persevere.

Yes, it might be a long journey, and yes patience is really important. But will it matter how much time it takes you to fulfill your purpose? If you discover that you are meant to be a leader, to lead people in a certain direction for an honorable cause, and then you take consistent, courageous actions, then the only result is a success.

The sense of satisfaction that will come from your achievement is invaluable, knowing that your life matters, that you have made the world a better place, that you have delivered your life’s gift, and that you will be missed when you are gone.

So is it worth it to be courageous, and to become a leader? Absolutely, especially if this is your purpose in life.

When a leader demonstrates courage?

So let’s say that you have become a successful entrepreneur, running a company that is changing the world for the better. You have a considerable team working with you. Hundreds of employees depend on the salary that you give, not only them but also their families.

Lots of people are impacted positively by the product and services that your company provides.

As an entrepreneur (a future one), every day you will have decisions to make, so it takes courage to be decisive, to chose one option and not the other, it takes courage that sometimes you go for your intuition.

When there is an economic crisis, you have to be courageous, to act quickly and pivot so you save yourself, your company, and the people working with you. Here, you demonstrate mental and moral courage. Your work ethics don’t allow you to layoff people, you take the courage to find other options so you save your employees.

For every scary situation, there will be an opportunity, it’s the courage of the leader that helps him see through the fear, think, decide, and act quickly with ethics. It’s the courage to take full responsibility for whatever the outcome is.

Final thoughts…

So yes, courage is important for you as a leader. It will help you become a better person. Don’t forget that life needs courage, and it needs from you, more courage when you are a leader. The more courageous you are, the better you become, the more respect you have.

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