Communication: An Important Skill For Entrepreneurs

All leaders have harnessed their skills in communication. Of course, it’s vital, as a leader, that you know how to communicate. A leader must communicate his ideas in a great way so he can lead.

Here are 6 communication skills that I chose and that will help you become better at communicating, better at leading.


We both know that listening is far more important than speaking. I am speaking about active listening, being fully concentrated, being present. Imagine you are speaking to someone, they are physically with you but mentally elsewhere. What would that tell you? They are not interested, they are not respecting you, there’s something more important than you. Right?

A good leader understands the importance of listening. True listening. They are present, they are dialed in the conversation, they are respectful. They listen to you, they respect what you are saying, they tell you indirectly that you are important.

It’s easy to speak. We react by speaking, especially when some emotions are involved. The difficult part is to listen, even when we feel some adrenaline rushing through our bodies, anger or excitement, we know how to control those emotions and we calm them to be able to listen.


Being open-minded means being opened to new opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives. Being open-minded is conversing with someone who has an opposite belief, value or opinion and listen to them without getting emotional.

Being open-minded is acknowledging that we are all different, even brothers are different, even twins are different. We are all different, and each one is unique, but here’s the beauty, we are all together, we live on earth together, we breathe the same air, we drink the same water.

Being open-minded is not being closed to my ideas as if they are the only right ones. Being open-minded is to be willing to discuss my ideas, receive new ideas, and if any new idea fits better with my inner world, my beliefs, and values, I will take it in and change my old ideas.

Being open-minded is being open to a world full of opportunities.


A great leader is a leader who communicates very clearly. He speaks in a way that removes all doubts and misunderstandings.

A great leader, speaks clearly, uses the right words in the right places, uses body language that gives more clarity to his speech.

A great leader knows his language, his vocabulary, and his words. He chooses sentences that resonate with most people because he has a clear understanding of the people he wants to impact.

He communicates his emotions in a clear way that moves people, that changes people in a good way, that impact cultures positively.

He is simple and concise. He speaks what matters. He makes his words counts.


A leader is an expert in his domain. Whether in politics, sciences, or business. He dedicated his life to his mission. He seeks expertise, he is thirsty for knowledge, he is hungry for information.

He is humble to remain a good student all his life. He learns and learns and learns without stopping. He is committed to knowing everything he can possibly know around his domain.

From this specific knowledge, the leader speaks about what he knows. He is willing to add values, in conversations or meetings, not to brag but to give value, to improve others’ lives.

A great leader understands that the way he says the words is very important, his body language, his voice… but he is also very aware that he needs to know really well the subject he is speaking about.


When people listen to you, and you are a great leader, they feel engaged, they feel every word that you say, they feel your presence. They are engaged because you are speaking to them. Yes, you might be speaking to more than one person at a time, but since you know them, you know the things in common, you know their dreams and desires, you will speak in a way as if you are speaking to each one of them.

A great leader is totally engaged in what he says, he believes in his dream, he believes in his ability to help, and as a result, people listening to him will be engaged too, because they know that he is a leader and that he is doing this for them.


Having empathy towards others is what will give you people’s attention and trust. Being empathetic towards the tribe you are serving means that you feel what they are feeling, you know their pains and desires, you can put yourself in their shoes, and see the world through their eyes.

Being empathetic will bring people closer to you as a leader. It builds a deep emotional connection, a trust that no one can take away.

What do people want? They want someone who is willing to help them.

What do they need? They need someone who understands what they are feeling.

So being empathetic is to generously focusing on others, and be of a service to them, and care about them.

Thank you for reading,

Speak to you soon,

Elie Abboud

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