Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Most people don’t step into their full potential and lead their own lives.

They don’t create the lifestyle they are dreaming about.

If you like the idea of leading your own life toward success, keep reading on…

Leader vs Follower

I know that you like the idea of creating your own life, designing your lifestyle and living with gratitude and happiness. Do you know any leader who got to the top without having a strong mindset, a great belief in himself and a clear vision about his goals?

The key to every success is the mindset. Start by telling yourself “I am a LEADER” every single day. Start working on your goals and visualizing them every morning. Do whatever it takes to bring your dream to life.

When you achieve your success and you start living your dream, people will start noticing you and naturally modeling you and following your steps.

Isn’t that great to be able to lead someone from darkness to light, from uncertainty to certainty, from anxiousness to peace of mind?

Leading your life first then others around you will help you in serving a role bigger than you. Every day will carry excitement and passion. You will be able to start providing value to others’ lives and believe me that it will make you feel very fulfilled and grateful…

What Do You Need to Become a Leader

Do you have any doubts about whether you are able to LEAD or not?

Everyone has doubts and it is totally normal. As I said before, you need to have a strong mindset, you should believe in yourself now more than ever. No one will give you this confidence except you and believe me it’s possible.

What people think, talk or say about you is their problem. After all, our time is precious and we don’t want to waste it. 

Start reading good books and learn from the best. Start listening to podcasts and watch influential and motivational videos about people who achieved their goals and served humanity in their unique ways.

You need to start applying what leaders apply every single day:

  1. Daily visualization and meditation on your goals,
  2. Income-producing activities,
  3. Invest in yourself,
  4. Mastermind with other leaders,
  5. Learn, Do and Teach.
  6. Stop Following & Start Leading

People are searching continuously for leaders who show them the path to a better life. Wouldn’t you like to help them?

I am doing the same. I want to help others and lead them to a better life. I apply the 5 things leaders do on a daily basis.

I started leading my own life.

Today my mission is to help you start doing the same.

Let’s take back control over our lives and live it to the fullest.

Thank you for reading,

I truly wish you all the very best,

Elie Abboud

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