Is Your Life Well Balanced?

We have different areas of life that we need to take care of in order to live a well-balanced life.

We can’t put all our time and efforts in one area – say career – and ignore the rest like relationships, spirituality, entertainment…

I suffered from this problem, I was focusing a lot on 1 or 2 areas of my life and ignoring the rest.

Now my life has completely changed. I take care of almost every area of my life.

What about you? Is your life well-balanced? Keep reading to find out more!

Signs of a Balanced Life

You can tell if you are living a balanced life when you feel real happiness. Not the one you get from doing something temporarily like eating a good meal or visiting a new country.

It’s when you are happy despite what is happening in the external world. When you are satisfied with what you do every day.

For me, a balanced life starts with a well balanced day.

How are you living your days right now?

Are you keeping in touch with family & friends?

Are you eating well and exercising regularly?

Are you working on your passion and going after your dreams?

Are you meditating/praying and connecting with God/source/universe?

Are you having fun and laughing no matter how tough your circumstances are?

If you feel that you are missing a lot of things, today is the time to put some plans and start the change.

Here are – in my opinion – the most important areas of LIFE that each individual should be aware of.

Area n° 1: Family & Friends smile

Family is very, very important. I am talking about your small family (parents, brothers, and sisters). If your relationship with them is good, try to make it great and if it’s not going so well, resolve any conflicts as soon as you can.

Your family members will always be there for you and it’s real power that you shouldn’t ignore and you should keep nurturing.

Make your relationship with your family stronger. Speak more often with them, learn about them. Call your parents regularly and check on them.

Good friends are essential in your life. Being lonely is sad. Being surrounded by good friends will make all the difference.

Good friends are the ones that really care about you and wish you all the best. They can do anything for you. Choose them wisely.

Area n° 2: Health & Fitness laughing

Take care of your health, eat vegetables and fruits, drink water, avoid fast food and soft drinks.

Visit your doctor regularly at least once a year. This will give you peace of mind and will identify any problem early on.

Here’s what you can start doing every day:

  1. Drink water. Start your day by drinking two cups of water to activate your body organs. Drink through your day at least 1.5L,
  2. Eat vegetables and fruits,
  3. Avoid sugar (chocolates, cakes, donuts…), stay aware of the hidden sugar in some foods (bread, pizza…),
  4. Avoid salt and fat,
  5. Avoid fast food and soda drinks,
  6. Don’t eat your dinner too late or before going to bed,
  7. Diversify your plate (vegetables, meat, rice…) in order to give your body all the needed nutrients.

Exercising is important but the most important thing is consistency. Specify 2 to 3 days per week to exercise. I chose, Monday for jogging and Thursday for the gym. I like to swim from time to time. I highly recommend you to swim as well because unlike other sports, it’s a full-body sport.

I usually start my days by doing some yoga exercises. It’s a great way to start the day. Some people like to run in the morning, others might go for a walk with their pets…

Area n° 3: Business, Careers & Finances cool

Are you happy with your career?

If you aren’t, it’s time to start looking for a change. It’s never too late. Believe me. I have switched my career twice. From IT Administrator to Software Engineer and from that to becoming a Life-Coach.

There’s no point to keep doing the work that doesn’t fulfill your purpose.

Go after your dream and do what you truly love.

It’s always a good idea to mind your own business.

What I mean by that is, work in a profession AND build your own business that will help you become financially independent and never work for the money again in your life. This is what I like to call, financial freedom.

Speaking about finances, financial education is more important than money. Why?

Well, what is the point of having loads of cash with 0 management skills? The money we earned fast will be lost fast.

So mind your own business and educate yourself continuously!

Area n° 4: Spirituality innocent

Whether you believe in god, universe, infinite intelligence or you don’t believe in any of them, you need to take care of your spirit.

At the end of the day, as human, we have mind, body, and spirit.

So the spirit is an important part of our life and if you need to live a well-balanced life, you shouldn’t ignore your spirituality.

I found that meditation is a great way to connect to your inner self and become aligned with your spirit, your values, your mission, and your vision.

Almost all successful leaders meditate regularly.

So check it out!

I love to meditate in silence. Try listening to your heart beats or your breath and focus only on that.

It will allow you to be connected to your true self and be present and FULLY conscious about the here and the now.

Area n° 5: Entertainment laughing

Entertainment is also an essential part of a balanced life.

Having a hobby and being so passionate about it will increase your happiness.

Think about it, what do you love to do? Do you like to hike the mountains or dive the seas or travel around the world?

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Now you are aware of all areas of your life. Take a moment today and check with yourself, which area needs improvement and start paying more attention to it!

Improve every area of your life on a daily basis and soon enough you will become a happier and more satisfied person.

People around you will start noticing it, just like magic!

Feel free to share with them what you have learned in here.

All the best,

Elie Abboud,