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Personal Development

It’s the best investment that you can make because when YOU change everything will change for you. I will help you during the process so you don’t only get the results you desire but you actually enjoy the growth you will gain!


Success leaves clues. Right? When you decide to succeed in any area of your life, you will succeed. This needs commitment and dedication from your part. But trust me, if you know your outcome and take consistent focused action you will get what you want. With me you can accelerate this process and really enjoy it!


Did you find your passion or not yet? A passion is something you truly love and you just can’t get enough of it. How about making a living from your passion? Believe me, this will happen for you if you get clear on your mission, vision, and values. I will help you to figure out your passion and start implementing your vision and fulfilling your dream and purpose in LIFE.


Why do we need to transform in the first place? Well, because as human beings we love growth and progress. There is an unlimited potential inside of you that is waiting to come to life. It’s our job to transform our lives to the BEST version it could ever be. By me on your side, you will have a true accountability partner. I will make sure you keep moving forward to transform any area of your life to its BEST…

What Is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in YOUR personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of actions to make your life BETTER.

Who Is Coaching For?


It’s for you if you feel lost, unsure, unfulfilled whether at work or in your personal life. Life coaching will help you solve your current roadblocks, learn the lessons and move forward. Don’t hesitate to be honest and speak with your coach about your struggles and challenges. With his guidance and accountabililty, you will resolve your problems faster and with more efficienccy.

What is The Process Like?


1. First time consultation

This is the first time I meet with you. It can be in person as well as online. I get to know you. This consultation is a FREE 30 mins session.

2. Identifying the challenge

You will tell me what is going wrong and what you need help with. This step is a very important one for me to be able to put the adequate plan of actions and provide you with the BEST results. Don’t be afraid to be YOU.

3. Putting a solid step by step plan of actions

After I identify the problem. I will put for a you a solid step by step plan of actions that will help you solve the problem and overcome your challenges so you can move forward in your life and succeed.

4. Taking the first action together

After planing all the needed actions. I will show you concretely what I want you to do, how to do it and when to finish. I will provide you with real-life examples and make sure that you understand the task.

5. Accountability & Followup

I will be your accountability coach. I will follow up with you by email/phone calls to make sure that you are on track. Don’t forget that the first accountability partner for you is YOU, I come next. That means if you need to progress you should do what it takes. I will be always here for you to help, guide and coach you smile

Coaching Packages

2 Week Coaching Package


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4 Week Coaching Package


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8 Week Coaching Package


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Elie is a caring, kind individual who introduced me to a wonderful online business education program and community. He has given me individual attention including personal messages and phone calls. He truly has a heart for others, especially his parents and people less fortunate than himself. I highly recommend him!” – Mary J.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is not always easy, but Elie makes it look easy! He gets the ball rolling by providing valuable tips on what is most important to connect with your audience and how to attract the right kind of people! Love it!”  – Isabella L.

Appreciate your support 😊” – Rima H.

You Are About To Start Growing Into a Better Version of YOU!

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