When it comes to branding, most people think about it as a cool website or a cool logo and that’s it. Actually no! Your brand is a reflection of yourself. How? Read on to know more…

What is a brand?

As I said earlier, it’s not just a logo or a theme. It’s more than that. It’s who you are. Your brand should precede you, that means your brand talks about you and tells your story. It’s the first impression you give about yourself. People might like you if they like your brand and vice versa. If done well, your brand can give you control over your reputation.

Everyone is unique and special, sure we can learn from others but we shouldn’t copy them, otherwise, we risk to be fake and it’s the ultimate insult. If you think about it, everyone walk, talk, act, eat and drink in his own specific way, so you shouldn’t copy them otherwise you risk being non-authentic.

You need to be crystal clear on the following

Before you create a brand and bring it out to the world, you should accomplish a discovery process about yourself. You should know in details what you like/prefer and what you don’t. You should find your core values and your principles in life. Nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t have any opinion and says yes to everything.

You need also to figure out your mission and vision statements. These might be short phrases that resume your activity and your ambitions and resonate with your target audience. Make it clear to them that you are here to serve them and to give them the solutions they desire.

For exp. :

AMAZON: Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

DISNEY: To make people happy.

GOOGLE: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Once you know your core values, your vision, and your mission, you need to build your credibility, stay honest with your audience, don’t say that you have 10 years of experience when in fact you have less than 5 for exp. So transparency is super important. 

To build your authority you need to prove that you can provide value to your audience in specific domains. If you have a blog and you post something every month or two, you will not be an authority for your market, but when you post 1 or 2 times per week about subjects that interest you market, you will start building trust and credibility that will increase organically with time.

You are unique

If you think about it you will realize that you have a 100% unique journey. Whether the work experiences you have had, or the certifications you have acquired or the people you have spent time with. Benefit from this uniqueness to show it to the world through your brand.

Most people don’t start their business because they think that they have nothing to offer to the world. In fact, every single person has something special to give. We need to discover ourselves and we need to stay authentic and real all the time.

If you think that you have nothing to give or that your values are not so important. I believe that you don’t know yourself enough.

Yes, if you are shocked now, it’s a good thing.

You need to wake up and appreciate yourself, your journey and everything you have made. Even if you have made mistakes, learn from them, deal with them as challenges you have won. Don’t say, “why this is happening TO me?”, instead try to say, “this is happening FOR me and I am grateful”.

Remeber this, the more unique you are, the more attractive you become.

Be authentic

If you cut an apple from different angles, what would you see? Yes? Go ahead…

You will see apple every time. If you bite this delicious fruit, it will taste apple every single bit.

I gave this example so you can remember that your brand should be authentic in every aspect from the outside to its deep core values…

Don’t try to cheat or mislead people. It won’t help you and you risk to fail miserably.

Not everyone will accept you

You will be a fool, sorry in advance for that, If you think that everyone in this world will like your brand. Actually, every successful person in human history had people who accepted and trusted him and other people who just didn’t like him at all. This is a part of the process. Keep it in your mind.

Don’t let someone stay on your way to success. Don’t let some opinions out there affect your mindset. Listen to negative opinions and try to get help from your close friends. If you are convinced that these negative opinions are useless, simply let go.

In marketing we say, if you market to everyone, you market to no one. This is why you should narrow your target audience and give them the right message at the right time. Even your website, it should reflect your brand and should be delivered only to your target audience and not to every human being on this planet. That is impossible…

A word about RE-branding

Re-branding is necessary when your brand fail and you need to do something about it. Maybe your brand fails because it wasn’t authentic or real. Maybe you didn’t do your homework well before publishing your brand.

They say that re-branding is more difficult than branding. Think about it…

Re-branding means, you need to correct your public image. No, I am not talking about your last selfie in Paris. I am talking about the public impression your brand gave about you.

Three perceptions

Normally, everyone can have three perceptions.

  1. How they think they are
  2. How other people think they are
  3. How they really are

Are you perceiving yourself as you really are? Are you being authentic and real? Do you know yourself enough so you can create a brand that reflects every cell of your being?

If you are not sure about the answers, please take a moment right now and think about them.

They say that we are the worst judge of ourselves. I find this very true. Sometimes I think about myself as a failure when others perceive me as a leader for them. So my advice for you, don’t judge yourself too much. Stop taking yourself so seriously and start taking others more seriously.

What I discovered

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Of course, the process is not easy yet it is simple. You need to follow it step by step and be committed and serious about it. Can you do that?? Please, keep in mind that results depend on your efforts.

I have one final question for you:

“Would you like to try the offer that is 100% RISK-FREE?” 

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Be bold and change your life for the BEST and I will speak to you very soon.

2 thoughts to “You Are Your Own Brand

  • Sara Wasser

    Great article. Many business owners don`t seem to think enough about their brand, but a good brand image is worth more than most people think. I admire companies like Nike, Apple, and Google that have created such a remarkable brand image. After reading your article, I am starting to think more about how I am my own brand. Thank you.

    • Elie Abboud

      Hey Sara. You are right. Most business owners don’t take care of their brands. It’s very important and it’s the main bloodstream of the business. People like and become addicted to great brands like you said. I hope you get clear on your brand representation. I wish you all the best and glad this blog post has helped you 🙂


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