She was very angry with me because I couldn’t finish my task within the deadline. I was sitting beside her, the project manager in front of me and 3 colleagues on my right hand (2 developers and 1 analyst).

I was the 3rd developer in the team and the lady who wasn’t happy about my work was the project director. I had tears in my eyes. I have always worked from my heart, I tried to accomplish everything in the best possible way.

But they don’t want the best, they wanted to deliver fast and get the return from their clients. It wasn’t aligned with me and my values. Every day I was going to work feeling anxious about the tasks I have on my shoulders.

By the end of 2016, we had a big delivery, I was staying every single day until 9 pm. I was suffering. Not eating well, not sleeping enough, not enjoying my days. Worried, stressed and very close to burn out…

I Wanted to Quit my Job

I felt trapped in a job I don’t like anymore. I felt stuck in a profession I thought I was passionate about but it turned out to be the complete opposite.

When I was in the “corner“, I started thinking seriously about quitting my job. I said to myself, “if the next 30 years will be like the last 5 years, I rather quit and start something new from scratch“.

I started thinking about creating my personal project. The first thing that came to my mind is opening a Lebanese restaurant since I am from Lebanon and the Lebanese food is very famous in the world. My dad had a restaurant and I really enjoyed helping him. So, I went to the bank asking for a loan but the answer was “sorry Elie, we can’t give you any loan“.

I didn’t lose my hope.

I started thinking about something else, my second idea was to create a new mobile application. So I thought about the project, put everything on papers, put the plan and strategy to work. I am committed and when I put something in my head, I do it.

I was on my own. I worked hard, even though I didn’t enjoy coding, I did it, it was a mean to an end – FREEDOM.

Unfortunately, after a while, I let the project down because software development wasn’t my passion, I was by my own and I didn’t have any kind of support (technical, motivational, inspirational…).

But I think the biggest cause to quit on this project was me not knowing my WHY (the real drive in my life).

Struggling To Find My Way Out

As you might know, quitting a job isn’t that easy when its the only resource that I have. I struggled but I had hope. Something was guiding me to a special discovery.

After my first 2 failures (the restaurant & the mobile application), I started to search for something online. If the traditional business isn’t within my reach, for sure there’s something online to discover and fortunately, I was right.

I was willing to search, read, attend seminars and do whatever it takes to get out of my job = the 9 to 5 routine = the rat race = the unfulfilling life = what society teach us and want us to do.

I knew I can have more in life. I knew that the new path isn’t going to be an easy one but I believed in myself and my journey.

Searching Online a Lot

Sure, when you ask a search engine like google or youtube any question they will answer you. You will get some free stuff that can help you.

I found few websites/applications that give back for certain actions. For example, I found a website about musicians and my task was to vote for the good music. Another website was about testing web and mobile applications, finding errors and report them to get something in return.

All these solutions weren’t efficient to help me quit my job. I also found a lot of misleading stuff online, I became very cautious about any other offer.

One day I discovered something that appealed to me a lot, something authentic and true. I knew that by searching and never quitting on my dream, I will find something.

My Discovery and my New Hope

I was in my kitchen, listening to some music on youtube while washing the dishes. Usually, I skip any ad because I hated irrelevant publicity…

The phone was behind me when a couple started speaking. They were so authentic and unique. They spoke about their story and how they quitted their unfulfilling jobs and started a new journey to become digital entrepreneurs full time.

That was relevant to me and spoke directly to my heart. They didn’t give any promises… They just wanted me to get a free 7 days video series about their mentors, the digital economy and how they became a part of it. Now they are living a new lifestyle they love.

I Felt Something About it…

I didn’t skip the ad as I usually do. Instead, I watched it till the end then subscribed to the couple’s email list. I knew deep down that this is right for me and would be very likely aligned with my values.

Finally… after a lot of online and offline research, I found something that might help me become independent and quit my 9 to 5 job.

I watched the videos I received. They were about:

  • a community of like-minded entrepreneurs just like me,
  • a training online,
  • an amazing educational and technical platform to learn and apply.

Since that day, I became a loyal member of the community.

What’s special about it is that members aren’t competing to win a game, they consider the community as a bigger family and treat everyone with respect, love, and compassion.

My Final World

Thank you for reading my story, I am so happy to share my journey with you. I know that there are people out there struggling with their jobs, exactly as I was struggling.

People who want a way out but unfortunately they don’t seem to find a good one.

After a while of being in this community, surrounded with amazing, positive and energetic people, I am now helping people to look at life from a new perspective. Not the one imposed by society (work all our lives until we retire then enjoy life).

Let’s enjoy life now. Let’s travel wherever we want and spend good time with our families and friends. Let’s create a new lifestyle that is aligned with our values and passions. Let’s stop trading our time for work. Let’s dream big again and make our dreams come true.

It’s a digital world we live in right now. I am so grateful for the internet because it has a huge potential to help us automate things, work less and enjoy life as it has never been possible before.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and I wish you all the BEST,

Elie Abboud - Digital Entrepreneur
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