I Decided To Quit My Unfulfilling Job.

The Meeting That Ended My Job She was very angry with me because I couldn’t finish my task within the deadline. I was sitting beside her, the project manager in front of me and 3 colleagues on my right hand (2 developers and 1 analyst). I was the 3rd developer in the team and the […]

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Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You
Follow Your Dream

Entrepreneur Definition As defined by Oxford “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” Most people, when reading the word “risks” get afraid and want to stay in their comfort zone. Do you think great opportunities come without risks? Of course, not, nothing comes without […]

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Stay At Home Mom And Work Online
stay at home mom and work online

If you didn’t try working online from home or if you tried it and you felt lost and lonely, don’t worry, this blog post is dedicated to help and guide you. You might not know the real difference between working online from home and working in a traditional job. I will explain everything you need… […]

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You Are Your Own Brand

When it comes to branding, most people think about it as a cool website or a cool logo and that’s it. Actually no! Your brand is a reflection of yourself. How? Read on to know more… What is a brand? As I said earlier, it’s not just a logo or a theme. It’s more than […]

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How Can I Quit my Job?

Quitting The Job… If you started asking yourself this question “How can I quit my job?”, it probably means you are not enjoying your job anymore, right? Maybe your job is boring you and you don’t feel passionate about it anymore or maybe you are depressed and not enjoying your days anymore because each day […]

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Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurial Life

Being an Entrepreneur If you are questioning yourself about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, no worries, I will try to explain it here. Entrepreneurs work on their own terms, they are independent. Usually, they are adventurous and they like to take some risks. I believe that an entrepreneur’s life is full of […]

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