A Marketer is like a Doctor

A GOOD marketer is like a doctor. A good marketer knows that marketing is about people and not products, it’s about changing lives and not selling more items. People who buy from you, trust you, so don’t betray them. Be honest with them, if you have a solution for their problem, suggest it to them. […]

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6 Musts For a Better ad

Paid Advertisement is adopted by a considerable number of Digital Marketers around the world. If you want to learn more about the musts for Online Paid Advertisement, keep reading… My objective in this blog is to help you avoid the mistakes that I have made when I started out with paid ads. Just to let you […]

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Good vs Bad Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing The Good and The Bad The first question someone asks when it comes to affiliate marketing is: “Can I make a living with affiliate marketing?” or “Can I live the laptop lifestyle with this business model?”. Well, it depends on many variables… I have good news for you, yes you can make a […]

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