A GOOD marketer is like a doctor. A good marketer knows that marketing is about people and not products, it’s about changing lives and not selling more items. People who buy from you, trust you, so don’t betray them. Be honest with them, if you have a solution for their problem, suggest it to them. Don’t try to push your product/service on them.

In today’s Digital Rush, we see more advertisements (ads) every day. We can tell immediately who is being honest and who is not. Don’t try to push your product on your customer as the ultimate solution when it’s not, because you end up in being less reliable.

I like to compare marketing to medicine and marketers to doctors. A marketer most of the time addresses his speech to people with problems, people with pain points. These people are desperate for some help and guidance.

It’s your job to propose the best solution that will help them. You need to tell them what will happen if they continue to do the same old thing. Finally, if you are honest enough and if they like, trust and respect you enough, they will follow your lead.

So, as a marketer, you are a doctor and leader at the same time. You should be the positive IMPACT on people’s lives.

Here’s what you can do:

1- See and Understand the Symptoms (pain points)

As a marketer, your main job is to understand people. You need to analyze their behaviors and really understand their pain points. Are they unhappy? unfulfilled? anxious? tired?

These pain points can have several root causes. So next you need to run a diagnosis process to identify what is going wrong. Why are these people feeling that way? Why they are not enjoying life anymore?


Our job is always to make people’s lives better using the product/service we market. It’s ALL about providing value.

2- Do the diagnosis (what is the root cause of the pain)

Now, you need to run a smart diagnosis to understand the root cause. What is that thing that makes people unhappy and unfulfilled in most cases?

It might come from their jobs or their relationships, maybe they are still living in the past or thinking too much about the future and they forget about this moment which is the only present we have.

When you identify few root causes, you need to address them one at a time. For example, in my case, I try to address my target audience who is fed up with the corporate system.

Your message is more real and authentic when you are living the experience yourself. People will resonate with you because your message is coming straight from the heart and you are not trying to convince them with logic and maths.

The better you know about the root cause of the pain and how your solution is the best fit for your audience, the better your results will be.

3- Do the prognosis (if nothing is done, here is what might happen)

People tend to procrastinate. Let’s be brutally honest. I used to procrastinate a lot, but fortunately for me, I have stopped it since I have joined a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are eager to thrive in LIFE.

So how people procrastinate?

They don’t take immediate actions. Great life opportunities don’t wait. So, your job is to warn them about what might happen if they don’t take action fast. Don’t trick people into buying or put pressure on them just because you are after money. Remember to be always a GOOD marketer.

Ask yourself always, “how would I market to my family?” and apply the answer to your market audience.

Make it clear that if people continue doing what they have always done, they will receive what they have always received. Logic!

4- Suggests the treatment ( what can be done )

At this stage, you need to suggest the solution that you believe can help your customers resolving their problem or at least part of it. You shouldn’t push the solution on your customer. Tell them how the solution will make their life better. By using your product/service they will get a better quality of life.

In my case, I know that most of the people are stressed and burned out because of their jobs. They are doing something they don’t enjoy. They feel trapped and believe that there is no way out of the corporate world.

My mission is to wake them up to realize that with Digital Marketing and Online Business, they still have HOPE. Our world is becoming more Digital, day after day. If we don’t stay up to date, we will definitely fall behind.

So the solution that I propose is to take the entrepreneurial path. It’s risky, uncertain but I believe more than 100% that it’s worth it. It’s an adventure, it’s exciting and this is how we should live our ONE and ONLY life.

5- Give the prescription (here is how to deal with the problem and solve it with your solution)

Let’s say, your customer is convinced about your treatment and need you to guide them. The best way is to show them step by step how they can achieve the place they desire.

Like the doctor’s prescription, you need to specify as many details as possible so everything is clear from the start.

You need to be honest and communicate your idea very well so the majority of your audience can understand it. Take them by the hand and tell them what will happen next.

Let’s say, they have listened to your video ad and your offer resonates with them. They can relate to your story and now they trust you enough to lead them.

For instance, you can tell them how to subscribe to your email list, what emails they are going to receive (commercial, promotional, motivational…), how they can contact you in case they have problems or difficulties…

The most important parts of your prescription are the Disclaimers, privacy policies and terms & conditions. Your customers will thank you for taking the time to clarify everyone’s role and obligations in your business model.

6- Happy time, problem solved

The most amazing feeling in the world is when someone tells you “Thank you, you have changed my life“. It’s way better than saying “Your service is very good” or “I enjoyed your last webinar”…

I repeat it one more time and I can’t stress this enough, as Marketers we are dealing with people and lives and NOT with some customers out there.

Today, Marketing has shifted 180°. It’s all about providing value and building a strong, lasting, good relationship…

Look around you, too many people sick and tired of their jobs. It’s like a disease that is waiting for smart, honest doctors to solve. As I said earlier, I am living with these pain points right now but I finally discovered my way out of the corporate world.

I have joined recently an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs where we learn Digital Marketing and Online Business. Every day we witness people taking their lives to the next level by using our system and being in our community.

You should know that results may vary and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique and special.

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Until my next weekly blog. You take care 🙂

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