Hi and welcome

I am Elie Abboud

I am looking forward to helping you in the BEST possible way!

Live a life of Passion, Freedom and Fulfillment...

My Mission

“I am determined to help and inspire people so that they overcome their challenges and live with much more passion, freedom and fulfillment”

My Vision

“I want to make a global positive impact on people’s lives.”

My Values

  • Happiness,
  • Success,
  • Love…


Elie is a caring, kind individual who introduced me to a wonderful online business education program and community. He has given me individual attention including personal messages and phone calls. He truly has a heart for others, especially his parents and people less fortunate than himself. I highly recommend him!” – Mary J.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is not always easy, but Elie makes it look easy! He gets the ball rolling by providing valuable tips on what is most important to connect with your audience and how to attract the right kind of people! Love it!”  – Isabella L.

Appreciate your support 😊” – Rima H.

When are you going to live a life of

passion, freedom, and fulfillment?