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The 7 days video series will introduce you to my mentors and my community. You will receive 1 video per day. It is risk-freeYou will see how we can help you in learning Digital Marketing and Online Business from scratch. I will send you after the series my personal experience with our community and a free valuable content on a regular basis. 
I ask for your name and email to send you some of the best FREE resources regularly, that have helped me since I started my online business journey. This includes paid products/services that have hugely helped me also. You are not obliged to purchase anything ever, you can benefit from a valuable free content from me for the next few months if you wish. My purpose is that you get amazing value regardless if you buy or not. When I recommend something, that means I have purchased it myself and tested it. Your privacy is very important to me and I will NEVER share your data with third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time from any email you receive from me. Now that everything is clear :) enjoy the journey and the content. Cheers. Elie :)
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About Elie

Hello and welcome to my personal website :)

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Elie Abboud, I live in France but I am originally from Lebanon. I am very proud of my origins and very happy to live in France which I consider my second country.

I want to travel the world and spend more time with my family and friends. I have found that my goal is achievable with Online Business and Digital Marketing.

I believe that the entrepreneurial journey is an amazing experience. It can help us learn, grow, and share.

I have been struggling to find my way out of the corporate world. I have tried several things, like creating a mobile application, opening my own restaurant, but unfortunately, I didn't succeed because I was alone and I didn't have the community and the support.

Until one day...

I have been introduced to an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who support each other and help each other.

We learn Digital Marketing and Online Business which allow us to earn while we learn and to work on anything that excites us.

Since the time I joined the community, I see a tremendous amount of change in my life, I can't describe how much I am growing and improving as a person. I am meditating every day, eating healthy, exercising, taking care of my relationships, my business, and my finances.

I am sure what we have can help you to start your entrepreneurial journey towards a lifestyle you have always desired.

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How Can I Help You !

I love helping other people to get back their freedom from work because I was in the same situation.

I was unhappy, unfulfilled. I lost my passion in life and all of this because of my job and the corporate world.

I have found a great offer about Digital Marketing and Online Business that I am using myself and I love it.

My purpose is to introduce you to an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs where you can surround yourself with leaders, mentors and successful business owners from around the globe.

I know there is a huge problem in today's world. People are just surviving when instead they should thrive and live life to its fullest potential.

Once you decide to subscribe to my email list, I will start sending you some of the best resources about Digital Marketing and Online Business for FREE. I will also send you from time to time promotional content about products and services I have personally purchased, used and in which I sincerely believe.

You are not obliged to buy anything, you can benefit from free valuable content for the next few months if you wish.

You might be saying that you don't know how to start or you have never learned about Digital Marketing or never started your Online Business.

Don't worry, I am here to help you and introduce you to an amazing community where you can get all the support you need.

Our full educational system was designed to help you move step by step and understand everything when it comes to the Digital World.

Remember, it's a commitment, so you need to be serious about your progress and your new life. Otherwise, you will keep complaining about your miserable life...

Wait NO more! Start your FREEDOM journey with our community today!

The Offer That Might Change Your Life Forever

You have a great chance to change your life for the best if you are committed and serious.

We have fellows in our community who didn't follow the system and didn't work enough to succeed and their results were not as they wanted. We also have people who changed their lives for the BEST because they know what it takes to succeed.

So if you are serious, patient, committed and eager to learn, you have a great chance to succeed with SFM community.

We will help you to learn everything you need about Digital Marketing and Online Business. We have gathered in one place all the tools that you need to start earning commissions while you learn.

We really believe that in order to change your life, you need to start changing yourself from the inside. With the SFM community, you will learn how to live your ideal day every day, how to improve and progress, how to change your life and impact others for the BEST.

In today's digital world, everyone should learn how to market online and how to engage with people whether on social media or through emails.

Businesses not taking care of their Digital Space are left behind. Do you want to be left behind? Of course not. No one likes the idea of being left behind.

The content we have is updated on a regular basis so you can benefit from it to the max.

The skill you learn with the SFM can be applied anywhere and anytime. You can benefit from your experience with us, to create your own brand or your own e-commerce business or simply continue to be affiliate marketer with us and with other companies as well.

We are different from the corporate world. We don't have a hierarchy. We are entrepreneurs and our passion is to help people achieve their own dreams.

There are several levels in the SFM system, so for sure you can get what you are looking for.

You can open a free SFM account and start your trial period or you can apply immediately if you think that you are ready.

I believe that everyone deserves to try this offer.

We have more than 6000+ courses online for YOU. We have an answer to ANY question you might have.

What are you waiting for to succeed?

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Elie Abboud
Elie Abboud

Founder Of https://elieabboud.com

SFM Elite+ Level
DEA Black Level

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer