About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal website :)
First let me introduce myself. My name is Elie Abboud and I live in France,
I am originally from Lebanon. I am very proud of my origins and very happy
to live in France which I consider my second country.

My dream is to get my FREEDOM from work. I want to travel the world and
spend more time with my FAMILY & FRIENDS.
I always believed that the entrepreneurial journey is an amazing experience.
It can help me grow, learn, teach and share.

I have been struggeling recently to find my way out of the boring employee's life.
I have tried several things, from creating software to opening my own restaurant...
Unfortunately I didn't succeed.
Maybe because deep down I knew there should be something more valuable out there for me.

Until one day...

I have been introduced to an amazing community of likeminded entrepreneurs
who support each other and help each other.
Everyone is happy and grateful, eventhough, as you know, an entrpreneur's life is bumpy
especially at the beginning.

At first I was skeptical as you might be right now,
but I thought "what am I going to lose?"

I took the offer and it was a happy moment for me :)

Since that time I've never looked back.
I started seeing a tremendous amount of change in my life,
I can't describe the personal growth, the relationships, the support, the help, the mentorship,
the leadership...
I was able to GAIN

I can see my goals coming closer to me every single day...

What about YOU ?
What is stopping you from getting started today before it is too late?
Click here to get started with the FREEDOM community!
Online Business
Digital Marketing

My Projects

->Make my parents very happy and very PROUD of me.
->Get my FREEDOM from work as soon as possible. I can see the great potential of online business and digital marketing and I am going to use that to my advantage.
->Start working on my own terms and start living a flexible lifestyle with more time to spend with my family and my friends.
->Start travelling the world and making new relationships across the globe, from every country, every religion and every culture.
->Start helping people just like YOU to wake up and live the DREAM of their lives.
-> My youtube channel (LifestyleWithElieAbboud)
->My facebook page (LifestyleWithElieAbboud)

What is stopping you ?

I will be happy to help you on this journey.
I know that you might be skeptical a little bit.
I know that you really want to change your life
but you still need some guidance especially at the beginning.

Believe me I was in the same place,
I have been introduced to a great community
and now my goal is to introduce as much people as possible
to this AMAZING opportunity...

We live in a digital world right now. The changes arrive every day.
Don't you want to benefit from online business and digital marketing ?
It's totally on your finger tips.

You only need a laptop and a decent internet connection and you are good to go...
Now please bear in mind that this is not an offer that will make you rich over night!
If you really think that is possible please do not get started with us...

We are here to show you that everything is possible when you have the right mindset
and you really BELIEVE in yourself.
Click here to get started with the FREEDOM community today...


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Elie Abboud
Elie Abboud

Founder Of elieabboud.com

SFM Elite+ Level
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